Housing associations

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Housing associations across the UK are investing in reducing their environmental impact to meet the Government’s decarbonisation targets. 
District heating networks play a vital role in achieving this, as a proven, cost-effective way of providing reliable, efficient, low-carbon heat.

With Vattenfall, you get  investment, expert knowledge and a successful track record, enabling you to replace existing assets across your estate and deliver a resilient and reliable system to provide low-carbon heat for your customers, while balancing investment plans with your decarbonisation goals. 

Working with us, we can help you find a scalable and reliable solution with minimum disruption to residents, as well as sourcing investment to replace aging assets and comply with changing regulation.

You will need to maintain an affordable service that protects vulnerable customers and makes demonstrable headway with corporate environmental targets, while remaining resilient to market disruption.

How we can help

As the largest supplier of decarbonised heat in Europe, we partner with numerous housing associations across the continent to deliver energy to people who need it. So why partner with us?

We provide access to reliable, decarbonised heat which aligns with your investment plans, along with the ability to bring joint capital investment to your project, thereby removing regulatory and development risk.

Our in-house design expertise means we can connect you to our existing district heating networks and provide cost-effective, decarbonised heat to your customers through a proven and reliable system.

We take responsibility for your entire building retrofit schemes, minimising disruption to residents, and our access to a powerful network of specialist suppliers helps us to deliver fast results, although we’re equally happy to work with our clients’ preferred contractors.