Working with Local Authorities

Investing in low-carbon city living

District heat networks can play a vital role in achieving fossil-free living, and is a proven, cost-effective way of providing reliable, efficient, low-carbon heat to communities.

Local authorities across the UK are leading the way in tackling climate change and demonstrating action to reduce emissions. Tackling decarbonisation at a city level requires investment, experience and capability to deliver large energy projects that address the carbon challenge while driving economic growth through job creation and social value.

Whether launching or scaling a district heat network, local authorities can face a raft of challenges in seeking to decarbonise city living. 
They may well lack the experience and know-how required to bring major energy infrastructure projects to fruition, or the strategic awareness necessary to generate capital, drive investment and create jobs. They will also need to navigate how to keep costs low for customers while affordably reducing CO2, guarantee long-term carbon performance and maintain high standards of customer service. 
The pressure will be on to make demonstrable headway with corporate environmental targets, while remaining resilient to market disruption, as well as managing reputational and operational risk. 

How we can help

We have worked with numerous local authorities on the journey to fossil-free living. This includes a trailblazing scheme with Bristol City Council aimed at achieving carbon neutrality for the city’s energy infrastructure by 2030. The City Leap project, expected to attract around £1 billion of investment, includes the building out of Bristol’s district heating network. 
We have also teamed up with Midlothian Council in Scotland on a joint venture to invest £100 million in low-carbon energy projects, including a district heat network for Shawfair Town.

Local authorities choose to partner with us because we bring a strong team, investment, vision and ambition which can help you grow, optimise and run your network. Our wealth of experience and expertise means we can work with your supply chain and other partners in a variety of commercial structures, with the goal of optimising performance.

Due to the structural flexibility in the way we work, we are able to set up commercial arrangements which allow you to retain direction and control of the operation where required. This, in turn, will create further jobs, boost the local economy and deliver heat to residents and businesses – as well as showcasing your leading role in tackling the climate crisis.

We bring investment, unrivalled know-how and a successful track record that will support you and enable you to build a network that achieves zero-carbon heat, creates jobs and boosts the local economy while delivering heat to all customers at the lowest price.