Master developers

Building a fossil-free future

Developers are under regulatory pressure to meet decarbonisation targets while delivering profitable developments. 

They must ensure developments remain attractive in order to drive return on investment, along with building each development’s individual profile and brand. They also need to secure fast, undisrupted access to planning and building regulations, while winning stakeholder and policymaker support for their projects. 

We bring investment, unrivalled know-how and a track record of experience to design and deliver large-scale resilient district heat networks that will enable you to navigate planning and maximise the return on your investment.

How we can help

We have proven experience of helping developers with low-carbon energy transformation. This includes property developer Related Argent, with whom we’re working to deliver the district heating infrastructure for Barnet Council’s 180-acre regeneration of Brent Cross South in North London. Our network will serve the development’s 6,700 new homes, as well as shops and other businesses, through a range of low-carbon heat solutions including the UK’s largest installation of heat pumps which will set a new standard for renewable heating systems. 

Master developers partner with us because,  we bring a depth of understanding to the varying considerations and complex issues developers face in bringing their vision to reality. Our wealth of experience and expertise means we can also cut through the complexities of planning and regulatory red tape to deliver a world-leading energy solution for your development which provides low-carbon heat. 

At Vattenfall, our experience and expertise allows us to cut through the nuances and complexities of planning and regularoty red tape to deliver world-leading energy solutions for your development. Partnering to bring your vision to reality, and move closer to a fossil free future. 
By delivering heating infrastructure which is aligned to local and national government policy, we can help overcome barriers and unlock planning opportunities. In addition, we can support you to explore how best to reduce the long-term carbon footprint of your developments, while balancing planning needs with plot value.

We know how to tap into investment, successfully navigate the planning process, add value to your project and maximise return on investment.