Joseph Scott

Delivery Director

Joseph Scott
Delivery Director

Joe Scott joined in 2019 as Head of Delivery for Vattenfall Heat UK. With his extensive experience in district heating, he rigorously ensures that Vattenfall delivers resilient networks that achieve zero carbon heat across the UK. 
Joe's team takes responsibility for all our projects in the detailed development and delivery stages. One of their key responsibilities is to ensure that schemes are ready for the Final Investment Decision. This involves making sure that the business case, risk, contracting and permitting are all in place so each project is good to go. 
Following the investment decision, Joe's team makes sure that assets are delivered on budget, on time, to the correct quality and, most importantly, safely. 
Joe’s background as an electrical engineer gives him a unique perspective when it comes to delivering district heating. He has worked in the sector for the past eight years, previously working on large-scale power plants with E.ON. 
Joe is dedicated to delivering sustainable and resilient heat networks, supporting Vattenfall in its role as the industry leader. 

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