Robert Hunter

Technical Director

Robert Hunter
Technical Director

Robert Hunter is an accomplished Technical Director who oversees our technical operations throughout the UK. He is an expert in engineering and ensures that Vattenfall's products are designed with the utmost precision, driving the company's vision of fossil freedom.

As an experienced Chartered Engineer with a wealth of knowledge in the built environment and construction industry, he has a strong track record in designing district heating systems and a deep understanding of operational, design and management aspects in this area. His MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems further cements his expertise in this field.

Robert's technical abilities extend to heating, renewable energy, district heating, solar thermal and building energy analysis. He is a skilled problem solver, having worked on various operational, design and study projects which gives him a comprehensive understanding of the technical challenges and issues involved. Walking in commercial and technical worlds, Robert will review and rationalise technical solutions to ensure commercial viability as well as being appropriate technical solution.

As Technical Director, Robert is dedicated to embedding engineering excellence in all aspects of Vattenfall's operations. His focus on technical precision ensures that the company is at the forefront of the industry, working towards a sustainable future for generations to come. 

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