Case studies

Vattenfall brings decades of European heat network experience to the UK.

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Amsterdam set out their heat decarbonisation journey in a joint venture with Vattenfall. Now, 24 years later, this partnership has resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions of 75% and has been accepted across the city with new developers and residents as part of the landscape and a new norm.


Uppsala municipality has very ambitious climate goals. It aims to be fossil free by 2030 and climate positive by 2050. As an energy partner, Vattenfall is cooperating with stakeholders in the municipality to take a global approach to the city's energy system and the residents' energy consumption. Sustainable, customer-specific energy solutions are our contribution to sustainable cities.

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We bring a strong team, investment, and more to help grow, optimise and run your network.

We bring experience to the issues developers face in making their vision a reality.

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