We partner with like-minded property developers, local authorities and housing associations who share our vision for a fossil free future. 

We work with cities, developers, engineering consultancies and supply chain to assess the long-term opportunities for district heating and transform them into reality.

We factor in the total cost of ownership from the start, balancing best-of-breed materials and components against affordable upfront costs and future requirements.


We operate transparent partnerships, with no inequality of information, and are easy to work with throughout. This means that you get an experienced advisor that plans for the future and delivers transparency over how things work and what is changing. From this strong base, we can work together with partners to plan, make good decisions and continually manage risks.


Long term partnerships need flexibility in abundance. Flexibility in our market means engineering, contracts and commercials which can adapt to the market. So when environmental standards, technologies, and economics change we can adjust accordingly, quickly and without any fuss.


From your first meeting with our team, we have you covered. We take care of everything from de-risking to managing complexities such as technologies, relationships and community interests. If consumers lose, you lose and we lose. We take our responsibilities seriously.

Our sustainable cities

We are working with Bristol City Leap to decarbonise Bristol.

Proof of growth, sustainability and profitability.

Longevity and reliability: delivering low-carbon heat since 1926.

Joint venture to decarbonise Midlothian

A sustainable, commercially-viable energy strategy.

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Working to deliver low-carbon heating in major city regeneration

Who we are

Our team is based in London, Bristol, and Edinburgh and is working on projects across the UK. Find out who we are and what makes us different from other companies in the marketplace.

Latest News

Castle Park Energy Centre - Bristol

Sustainable Solutions Towards Net Zero

We are proud to be working with ITN Business as part of their 'Sustainable Solutions Towards Net Zero' series. View our film below and read on to find out more.

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Catalyse Change work experience with Vattenfall Heat UK

Vattenfall and Catalyse Change: Reflecting on Work Experience

Commercial Consultant for Vattenfall Heat UK, Sonya Bedford, works as a mentor at Catalyse Change, providing valuable insight of the sustainable energy sector, for young women aged 18-24. 

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What's happening to deliver fossil free heating?

The UK's heating needs an upgrade. We explore why it's so important we act now to enable fossil free heating in the UK.