Smarter cleaner heat

Managed District Energy

Sustainable. Reliable. Affordable.


A life-long investment

Managed District Energy is a multi-decade approach which doesn’t leave the future to chance.

Our way of working ensures that developers, local authorities and consumers all benefit from a successful, cost-effective project while hitting emissions targets. The result is a truly consumer-centric solution: sustainable, reliable and affordable district energy designed around the people who use it.

A reliable partnership

In partnership with cities and developers we are driving the transformation towards fossil-free heating solutions. Partnerships ensure alignment of common objectives and joint decision making, in a transparent environment: sharing the risks and rewards to achieve project success. The time scales associated with heating infrastructure means that the future is uncertain. Third-Party Integration (TPI) is a climate-smart partnership concept between district heating providers and businesses that generate large amounts of surplus heat in their daily operations. Instead of letting this surplus heat go to waste, Vattenfall is connecting these facilities to its district heating grids in order to use it for our heat customers.

A wealth of experience

We specialise in providing integrated energy solutions to maximise value for the client and consumers, with the resources and experience to take on long-term risk, reduce unknowns and build sustainable, profitable heat networks.

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