We deliver low carbon heat networks with like-minded property developers, local authorities and housing associations who share our vision for working towards fossil freedom. 

What is a heat network?

Heat networks (or district heating networks) distribute heat generated in a centralised location via a network of insulated, water filled pipes to domestic and commercial buildings for space heating and hot water.

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Why partner with Vattenfall?

Vattenfall can deliver large, complex district energy projects with our engineering expertise, operational and management excellence and outstanding consumer services. We work with cities, developers, engineering consultancies and the supply chain to offer long-term and sustainable solutions.

Who we help

We bring a strong team, investment, and more to help grow, optimise and run your network.

We bring experience to the issues developers face in making their vision a reality.

Finding scalable and reliable solutions with minimum disruption to residents.

Where we are

Vattenfall is working with Bristol City Leap to decarbonise Bristol.

Bringing low carbon heating to England's capital.

Working to deliver renewable and low carbon energy through heat networks.

Who we are

Our team is based in Bristol, London and Scotland and is working on projects across the UK.