Let's Meet: Kiera Byrne

Team Coordinator Kiera Byrne returns from maternity leave and joins us for this month's team spotlight.

Where are you originally from?

I was born and have always lived in a town outside London called Epsom. Epsom is a small and peaceful town that is only a train commute from the busy city of London. I enjoy the contrast of locations from countryside to city.

What's Epsom known for?

Epsom host the famous Epsom derby. Dating back to the 17th century, the Epsom Derby has become a grand horse racing tradition and is Britain's richest horse race. I try to attend every year if I can, it's a fun day out where the girls all get dressed up for ladies' day

Epsom town also gives its name to Epsom salts, extracted from mineral waters there.

What has been your education and career path?

After leaving school and completing my A levels I found myself working within the property industry, after many years of growing my knowledge within the market I began searching for my next adventure and career opportunity. I always had a keen interest in the energy industry and supporting towards bettering our planet so when I saw the advert for the job at Vattenfall Heat I was excited about the opportunity, I felt it was a perfect match. The goal to be fossil-free within a generation is admirable and something I'm proud to now help be a part of.

What's on your bucket list and what sort of things do you do in your down time?

I would love to have the opportunity to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas, since I can remember it's always been something I have dreamed of doing and hopefully one day it’s something I will be able to tick off the bucket list.

I love to adventure and visit new places when I get the chance, being outside and exercising is when I am my happiest. After recently having a baby I have found my priorities have changed, my ideal day would be spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

What's something that not a lot of people know about you?

Before joining Vattenfall I travelled South East Asia for 6 months. I decided before settling down and finding my dream job I had a desire to see the world and some of the beautiful places amongst it. My partner and I visited 7 countries during our trip and we even got engaged along the way.

You've just come back from maternity leave, what has that been like and what's it like returning to the office?

As it's my first week back I'm still finding my feet and settling back in but all my colleagues have been great and made me feel so at ease. Everyone has been very supportive and reached out to make my return as smooth as can be.

Since being on maternity leave there have been lots of new starters in the business. I'm excited to meet my new colleagues in person as well as catching up with those I haven't seen for a while and hear about all the new and exciting projects to see how I can support them.

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