Vision for Brent Cross Town unveiled

Vattenfall Heat UK will deliver reliable and affordable heating to homes, shops and businesses at one of the UK’s largest developments, Brent Cross Town.

Today Argent Related unveiled their vision for one of the UK's largest developments, Brent Cross Town.

Previously known as Brent Cross South, the new development uniquely incorporates 50 acres of parks and playing fields which are central to the attraction for people to live, work and visit.

Vattenfall Heat UK's new district heating network will serve the 6,700 new homes in Brent Cross Town regeneration scheme using a mix of low carbon plant which will include the UK’s largest installation of heat pumps, setting a new standard for renewable heat in the market.


About Brent Cross Town

Brent Cross Town will be a new park town for London and will establish a new standard for large-scale urban regeneration. The development will contribute to London’s green economic recovery with sustainability, health & wellbeing and a powerful sense of neighbourliness at its core.

Working in collaboration with Argent Related and the London Borough of Barnet, Vattenfall Heat UK will design, build and operate the district heating network at Brent Cross Town over the coming decades, delivering reliable and affordable heating to homes, shops and businesses, with an aim to eventually remove all CO2 emitting sources.

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