Heat networks are investment opportunity ‘worth billions’ says Jenny Curtis in new article from PA media.

Vattenfall has been featured by PA Media, citing the investment opportunity presented by heat networks.

The article highlights that the opportunity that exists in the UK is ‘worth billions’ as part of the government’s target for 20% of the population to be connected to heat networks by 2050.

Jenny Curtis, Vattenfall MD, was interviewed by PA Media, and discussed the projects Vattenfall is engaged in, alongside advice for how the full scale of the heat network opportunity can be realised. This includes the need for collaboration in the early stages of development, raising awareness with consumers, upcoming zoning regulation and levelling the playing field with other low carbon technologies and gas.

Links to the coverage by PA Media are below.

As the European leader in heat networks, Vattenfall is looking to invest more than £1 billion in the infrastructure needed to deliver heat networks at scale in the UK, and we are already developing networks in 3 UK cities: London, Bristol and Midlothian, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Our UK Projects

Vattenfall is working with Bristol City Leap to decarbonise Bristol.

Bringing low carbon heating to England's capital.

Working to deliver renewable and low carbon energy through heat networks.

To find out more about the work we are doing and how heat networks can form a part of your decarbonisation plans, please get in touch.

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