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Employee innovation

Complexities in solving decarbonisation - the role of hydrogen

A recent blog post by Joel Gustafsson from CIBSE 'Why heat pumps can help and hydrogen can’t' sparked interesting conversations within the team at Vattenfall Heat UK.

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Putting the plan into place – minimising uncertainty to deliver low-carbon heating

Putting the plan into place – minimising uncertainty to deliver low-carbon heating

In many urban areas, a large-scale rollout of district heating will likely be the most cost-effective way to decarbonise the heating of buildings, both for consumers and the country as a whole. 

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Decarbonising heating will only succeed if we think more specifically about locations and technologies

Decarbonising heating will only succeed if we deliberately focus on location and technology

A number of considerations are required to minimise the cost of introducing heat networks and increase their effectiveness.

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Vattenfall secures bronze award for Armed Forces Pledge

Following its signing up to the Armed Forces Covenant Vattenfall UK has this week secured a bronze award for its commitment to supporting the armed forces community.

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Panoramic view of Amsterdam

Notes from Amsterdam on the London Infrastructure Advisory Panel

Managing Director Mike Reynolds brings Vattenfall's infrastructure expertise to the new Mayor’s London Infrastructure Advisory Panel.

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Shawfair LLC

Vattenfall revealed as preferred Midlothian Energy Partner

Vattenfall Heat UK has been selected by Midlothian Council as its energy partner in a 50/50 joint venture set to drive the shift towards low carbon living in the region.

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The Heat UK team

Maarten Steinebach Joins Heat UK

We are proud to welcome Maarten Steinebach to Vattenfall Heat UK, who brings with him two decades of experience in delivering high quality district heating with our colleagues in the Netherlands.

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Lina Drozd enters the Uppsala facility

From Sea to Sewage: A Cycle of Heat

Just how realistic is Vattenfall’s vision of becoming “fossil free within a generation”? Work placement student Lina Drozd reflects upon how real the possibility of a carbon neutral future really is. 

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Emilia Melville

Zero Carbon Heat in the West of England by 2030?

Burohappold and Zero West ran a fascinating event on Tuesday 26th November, sponsored by Vattenfall, looking at how to decarbonise heat in the West of England region.

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Berlin warmth

Neighbourhood Warmth

Heat produced by energy from waste plants can provide the basis for district heating programmes, explains Mike Reynolds, managing director at Vattenfall UK.

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