Our experience

Our experience

Vattenfall has the experience to take on the largest, most complex district heating projects.

Buying a heat network is a complicated and specialised life-long investment process.

The decisions you make will impact the future for generations to come. Vattenfall is a perfectly placed partner that translates requirements into a straightforward delivery path.

We specialise in providing integrated energy solutions to maximise value for the client and consumers, with the resources and experience to take on long-term risk, reduce unknowns and build sustainable, profitable heat networks.

We care for the final customers, and we design heat networks to suit their everyday life. We are committed to providing multi-decade long heating and cooling infrastructure that works for this generation, the next generation and the generation after that.

Our sustainable cities

Finding a partner to work with can be made very complicated.

We think that it is straightforward, and you won't find anyone else like us who have done it before:

Vattenfall has invested £3 billion in UK wind power in the last decade. Now we are here to deliver district heating.

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