Eoghan Maguire

Director for Scotland

Eoghan Maguire
Director for Scotland

Eoghan Maguire is a leader and influential decision-maker, serving as the Director of Scotland for Vattenfall Heat UK, spearheading the company's efforts to bring district heat networks to the region.  
With a wealth of experience in low-carbon energy, Eoghan is also Director and Chair of the board for Midlothian Energy, where he works to deliver low-carbon infrastructure across Edinburgh and explore new opportunities to decarbonise heat throughout Scotland.  
His leadership and expertise have been instrumental in the development and execution of various energy projects, earning him a reputation for technical, commercial, and delivery know-how. 
Driven by a desire to decarbonise a significant proportion of the city, Eoghan aspires to make Midlothian a model for sustainable urban development while working towards decarbonising Scottish heat demand and providing meaningful, future-proof infrastructure. 

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