Andy Yuill

Head of Engineering

Andy Yuill
Head of Engineering

Andy Yuill is Head of Engineering at Vattenfall Heat UK. He leads the engineering team, providing support, steerage and governance support along with a wealth of expertise built on 25 years of experience. 
In delivering district heating across our regions, Andy works on a wide range of projects, supporting the technical development of key accounts, core products and offerings, as well as engaging with external parties, from government to regulators. 
Andy has a broad range of experience. Originally a manufacturing engineer with IBM, he changed his career before returning to engineering, driven by a passion for the industry. He has worked across the renewables heat market, from small-scale light industrial to large renewable-fuelled power assets. 
Climate impact is an important focus for Andy. He is proud of Vattenfall’s value-added impact on society and the opportunities the company offers to decarbonise heat. Andy is a passionate believer that district heating is a crucial solution to decarbonise at speed, capable of leaving a significant legacy of removing buildings from the gas grid. 

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