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We bring experience and understanding to the considerations and issues developers face in making their vision a reality.

The challenge: lowering carbon emissions

This is a critical agenda in the UK, with support and momentum from governments, planners and consumers.

Heat networks present a forward-thinking solution for urban development. Recognised for their efficiency and sustainability, heat networks offer many benefits for developers, building owners, and operators.

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At Vattenfall, our experience and expertise allows us to navigate complexities of planning and regulations to deliver world-leading energy solutions for your development.

This includes property developer Related Argent, with whom we're working to deliver the heat network infrastructure for Barnet Council's 180-acre regeneration of Brent Cross South in North London. Our network will serve the development's 6,700 new homes, as well as shops and other businesses, through a range of low carbon heat solutions including the UK's largest installation of heat pumps which will set a new standard for renewable heating systems.

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By delivering heating infrastructure which is aligned to local and national government policy, we can help overcome barriers and unlock planning opportunities. In addition, we can support you to explore how best to reduce the long-term carbon footprint of your developments, while balancing planning needs with plot value.

We know how to tap into investment, successfully navigate the planning process, add value to your project and maximise return on investment.

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We bring a strong team, investment, and more to help grow, optimise and run your network.

We bring experience to the issues developers face in making their vision a reality.

Finding scalable and reliable solutions with minimum disruption to residents.

Where we are

Vattenfall is working with Bristol City Leap to decarbonise Bristol.

Bringing low carbon heating to England's capital.

Working to deliver renewable and low carbon energy through heat networks.

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