Bristol Heat Network

Vattenfall is working with Bristol City Leap to decarbonise Bristol.

In January 2023, Vattenfall Heat UK acquired Bristol Heat Networks Ltd, and is working with Bristol City Leap; a trailblazing large-scale, multi-pronged initiative aimed at achieving carbon neutrality for the city's energy infrastructure by 2030. Vattenfall will expand the existing heat network, develop new networks and, where possible, interconnect them to create a single Bristol heat network that serves the local community with reliable, low carbon heat.

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In 2018, Bristol declared a climate emergency and Bristol City Council has pledged to make the city carbon neutral by 2030. In order to achieve that goal, analysis shows that around 160,000 buildings have gas boilers which need to be replaced with a low carbon solution. For around 65,000 of those buildings, a heat network connection will be the lowest carbon, lowest cost solution. This would leave the remainder needing individual heat pumps.

The Bristol heat network in detail

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Bristol's journey toward carbon neutrality

Vattenfall are proud to be working with Bristol City Leap building a city wide fossil free heat network and supporting Bristol’s journey to carbon neutrality. Bristol City Leap is a long term partnership between Bristol City Council and private sector partners, aimed at delivering low carbon energy infrastructure, such as solar PV, heat networks, heat pumps and energy efficiency measures at scale, all of which will help Bristol meet its carbon reduction targets of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Partners will invest in Bristol City Council’s estate to deliver low carbon energy infrastructure and support others, such as residents, community energy groups and businesses, to deliver local carbon reducing projects.

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