Bhavya Patel

Head of Asset Operations and Performance

Bhavya Patel
Head of Asset Operations and Performance for Vattenfall Heat UK

Bhavya Patel, Head of Asset Operations and Performance at Vattenfall Heat UK, is a dedicated operations professional with over a decade of experience in the UK energy sector. He is passionate about the role of data in the industry and has been successfully working towards ensuring that Vattenfall's heat networks are operationally ready for customers, from resource levels to construction and operations. 
Bhavya's expertise spans various disciplines, including asset management, strategy, commercial, project management and contract management, making him an integral part of Vattenfall's operational excellence. 
In addition to his operational skills, Bhavya is a dedicated mentor to new team members, supporting them in their development, training and career choices. This commitment to developing young careers is evident in his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with them. 

Bhavya's international experience in sectors such as wind and energy trading has also given him a unique perspective on the industry, having worked in Germany and Denmark where he gained valuable insights into the global energy market.

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