Katja Raabe-Münzberg

Director of Business Excellence

Katja Raabe-Münzberg
Director of Business Excellence

As Director of Business Excellence for Vattenfall Heat UK, Katja Raabe-Münzberg is dedicated to working for fossil freedom. She is responsible for driving the change management needed for the UK to move to a reliable district heat network system. 
Having joined Vattenfall in 2004, Katja holds a wide portfolio of district heat experience across Europe. Since 2014, Katja’s focus has been on ensuring that the energy transition can be realised in a financially viable way. She has worked in project management and finance leadership positions, helping to build power plants and improving commercial processes. 
Katja has a passion for efficiency, data, facts and continuous improvement. However, she understands that success ultimately comes down to people and believes that companies are most effective when everyone feels heard, seen and valued. 
As a leader, she aims to inspire her teams to push beyond their limits and discover their true potential, challenging them to accomplish incredible feats in a short amount of time. 
Her leadership style is positive and supportive. Katja is impassioned about inclusion, committed to ensuring Vattenfall empowers the right talent, regardless of background. 

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