Selene Molina Blanco

Head of Engineering, Bristol

Selene Molina Blanco
Head of Engineering

Selene Molina Blanco is an accomplished engineering professional with extensive experience in the heat networks industry and a focus on renewable energy solutions. As Head of Engineering at Vattenfall Heat UK, she is leading the charge to decarbonise heat in the UK, with a particular focus on Bristol as part of the Bristol City Leap partnership with Ameresco and BCC. 
With a strong desire to tackle the challenge of decarbonising heat in existing buildings and applying a whole systems approach to decarbonising energy, Selene's role involves defining technical solutions for projects and customers from design through to construction. She is also helping to develop a strategy to decarbonise Bristol and support Energy from Waste (EFW) plants, to access a more sustainable source of heat for the city. 
Selene is passionate about unblocking complexity through high-level strategy to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit, with the infrastructure, supply chain, building regulations and other elements all working towards bringing district heat networks to the UK. She is proud of how Bristol is leading the way and is keen for the country to match the city’s climate ambitions. 
As the world grapples with the ever-increasing impact of climate change, Selene's work is more important than ever. Her focus on renewable energy and her commitment to finding sustainable solutions to heat networks are critical in our move towards fossil-free living.  

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