Head of Customer Experience

Bindi Patel - Head of Customer Experience

Bindi Patel

Bindi has been involved in the low-carbon energy sector for over 12 years, and has lead responsibility for Vattenfall’s end-to-end customer journey.


Prior to joining Vattenfall in June 2020, Bindi was the first Director of Heat Trust where she led work that has been instrumental in forming the basis of new statutory regulation of heat networks. She believes strongly that the transition to a low-carbon energy system is fair and delivers benefits to all customers.

As a senior policy executive, Bindi brings a wealth of experience having previously worked on energy efficiency and fuel poverty policy at Energy UK, advised local authorities on climate change and energy strategies, and was Lambeth Council’s lead officer on sustainability and energy efficiency in the built environment.

In her spare time Bindi enjoys yoga, spinning classes and holidays that involve hiking volcanoes.

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