Stuart Allison

Strategy Director

Stuart Allison
Strategy Director

Stuart Allison is our Strategy Director for Vattenfall Heat UK and has been instrumental in the expansion and success of the company's district heat networks across the UK. With over 15 years of experience in the development of decentralised energy projects, Stuart has focused on low-carbon heat and energy efficiency initiatives, driven by his commitment to addressing the climate change emergency.  
Stuart was a founder of Vattenfall's district heat business in the UK and played a vital role in securing the company's first partnership with Related Argent in Brent Cross Town, as well as establishing joint ventures in Bristol and Scotland. His innovative approach has been crucial during a challenging and exciting growth period for the district heat sector, as the market develops to meet the UK Government's requirement to increase heat network supply eightfold. 
In addition to his track record, Stuart is an active member of the board of the Heat Network Industry Council, where he engages with the Government on critical issues for the sector. Through his continued leadership at Vattenfall Heat UK and his influential role within the industry, Stuart Allison is a key player in creating a fossil-free energy future for the UK. 

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